Calli has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. She has a warm infectious energy that brightens up the room and in classes she clearly and intelligently directs movement, flows and transitions. I always leave her classes feeling deliciously melted and renewed, a difficult thing in a busy Londoners life! There have been so many lightbulb moments in her classes, she encourages everyone to be curious and explore postures, not to adopt a one size fits all approach. She has helped me build strength and confidence and I always feel safe in her hands. All her classes are always positive, warm, friendly and fun therefore it’s no surprise she has a following of many yogis that regularly join her on the mat week in and week out, rain or shine. Quite simply, Calli is an incredible yoga teacher and my week wouldn’t be the same without them. – Melany Rose (Regular Student)

Being taught by Calli at Stretch London for my Teacher Training has been nothing else but fantastic. Not only did she guide me to explore my practice but she introduced new sensations and experiences. Calli is creating the most beautiful and creative flows with a lot of thought and intention behind. Having practiced with her for years I’ve recognised that she’ll forever bring something new to the mat, always exploring and sharing. Calli is such an inspiration and is without doubt one of the best teachers in London. Having done my training with her helped me to find my centre, I will forever be grateful for having Calli as my teacher. – Dijana Krnjajic (Sept 2017 YTT)

Calli’s energy and passion for teaching shines through. Her classes are always fun, challenging and nourishing. She has an amazing ability to be able to encourage growth and self-enquiry in a lighthearted way. I always look forward to practising with Calli” – Alice Jackson

Calli is a yoga queen. I’ve been going to Calli’s yoga classes regularly at stretch for the last couple of years and she is one of my favourite teachers. Her classes are strong with very juicy flows, she is gorgeous with a kind soul and is a super talented teacher. Zoe

Calli’s classes are uplifting, fun & creative. She caters for all levels in her thoughtful sequencing, encouraging playfulness and the courage to evolve. Calli’s down-to-earth themes nourish the mind and body equally and her positivity and passion for yoga shines through in every class. A super inspirational teacher, who I’ve learnt so much from. Calli’s classes are a bit of sunshine for the soul. – Faith Mcallister

“I couldn’t be more grateful to be under Calli’s mentoring – exceptional teacher who has completely transformed my practise and my vision of yoga.

 While pushing boundaries & thinking outside the box, Calli makes the training fun, humble, compassionate, kind, joyful… allowing us to take off our masks, letting go of our conditionings and self-limitations, experiencing a limitless sustainable practise at peace.

 Always encouraging to feel, rather than to think, your sensations, your experience throughout an intelligent practise, noticing the relationships & connection within your body while enjoying beautiful flows and movements full of laughter, playfulness & creativity to an awesome playlist! 

 Calli unconditionally encouraged the team with kindness to keep going throughout the YTT training during the tiring & vulnerable times. Calli saw our capacity from miles away before we even knew of our capabilities. Calli made us feel safe and at a place of trust from the beginning!

 I am hooked to Calli’s uplifting classes, my week wouldn’t be the same without them!” Itzie (YTT Graduate)