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Take the leap, you won’t regret it…

DO you want to be a yoga teacher? I teach both a  250 hour foundation ‘plus’ level training and a 150 Hour Advanced Training both accredited with Yoga Alliance.

250 Hour Foundation Teacher Training Plus

The Stretch 250 hour yoga teacher training co- taught by Carl Faure & Calli Popham is exceptionally high quality, fully comprehensive & a life changing experience.

We offer a semi-intensive training, with one week’s retreat at the stunning Suryalila Retreat Centre in Southern Spain, and the remaining hours completed in London, you are able to experience the intensity of a retreat training & fully immerse yourself in the experience for a short while, before returning to a bit of normality with your Yoga Teacher Training fitting neatly into 6 weekends in London.

Heres what some past trainees have had to say :

“They are both phenomenal teachers, firm and nurturing, extremely knowledgable in their field and committed to the advancement and journey of every single student.”
“Carl is an extremely passionate teacher, generous with his words and heart, as well as his ever expanding and deepening pool of knowledge.”
“Calli’s energy is a force to be reckoned with. She is like an arrow finding the bulls eye every time, and her infectious enthusiasm for teaching, for yoga and generally for life is beyond moving to be around.“

“The best thing about Stretch’s YTT is Carl and Calli – dedicated, approachable, total experts, and know how to have fun! They create such a safe space for you to let down your guard without any expectations or judgement. This lets you explore and absorb their considered, thorough, and progressive treasure chest of knowledge, in ways that feel most true for you so that you can teach from the heart. On top of that, they’ve helped me discover what yoga really means as a whole approach to life, positively shifting my thought processes, attitudes and views.!” Hannah – July 2017

“Like many, yoga for me was very much a physical venture – part of a recovery process from injury and the pursuit of flexibility. With a background in fitness, when the philosophical aspect of yoga snuck into my peripheral it took me completely off guard. Discovering all the many nuances of yoga have been nothing short of life changing for me and something I feel passionate about sharing with others. My experience with Carl and Calli on the Stretch YTT was mind-blowing and I can’t recommend it enough. I feel that Stretch has a unique, progressive approach compared to other teacher trainings that develops a strong understanding of not just traditional yoga but modern, adapted, functional yoga and anatomy as well, encouraging their students to teach from the heart, find their voice, be playful and the best teacher they can be. If you’re thinking about it, stop thinking! It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.” Pheobe July 2017

“Doing my YTT with stretch was a life changing experience and it has made me a more confident teacher. Carl is a very knowledgeable teacher and I’m forever grateful for his time, energy and the knowledge he shared. Calli is a total dream by Carl’s side and was so helpful in her guidance and love not to mention providing some penny dropping moments when I was working through some inversions! ” – Lizzy E – November 2016

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150 Hour Advanced Training

Dive Deep & Up-Level your teaching


Module 1 – INSIGHT: 11th January – 17th January 2020

Module 2 – SERVICE- 20th – 25th April 2020


Module 1 -SURYALILA Yoga retreat centre, Andalucía. Spain

Module 2 – Stretch London, UK.

A carefully crafted 150 hour training beginning in Andalusia and finishing in London, England – a city at the cutting edge of both modern movement culture and personal growth work. Steered by Senior Yoga Teacher Carl Faure, Calli Popham & Conor Cregg, this training is based around what makes our 250 hour foundation training so successful;  creating a deep and supportive group field that allows the student to go further in their own personal inquiry and immerse themselves into the hugely transformative and healing process that is yoga.

In Module INSIGHT, we will delve deep in to philosophy, self work, somatic healing modalities and embodiment.  IN Module SERVICE, we deep dive in to advanced asana, experiential anatomy & business & marketing.

In between the immersions there will be held space and mentoring.

‘The training not only made me a better teacher for my students, but a better person for everyone in my life. It helped me to take stock of what was important to me, shone light on some big realisations and why I want to share this magic with others. I left with a higher awareness of the integrity of the yoga practise and a tribe of new best friends.’ Hannah May 

‘This wasn’t a training or a course. This was a homecoming. Knowledge, heart and soul from three exceptional leaders guiding us back to the door of ourselves. You will not learn, you will unlearn. Unstitching your fears, self doubts and the knots within that hold you back. You will leave whole, fuller and more complete. Not just because of the friends or confidence you will gain, the in-depth insights to the intricacies overlooked in yoga. But because you are able to show up and stand up – in class and in life – just as you are and that be more than enough.’ – Kat Pither 

‘It’s a brilliant training. The content is potent, relevant and refreshing.
Carl, Cali and Connor created the perfect container that felt a joy to learn and explore within.’ – Lizzy Bridges

Feel free to contact me with any questions, taking the leap can be scary, but I promise you, you won’t look back, doing a teacher training completely changed my life and I was once sat where you are wondering if to do it! Enquire or Book HERE