About Me

Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Mentor, Mama, Reiki II Practitioner, Inversion Coach and Slow Flow Queen: Calli has been practising yoga for over 20 years, has in excess of 500 hours of training and has co-created and co-facilitates both foundation level and advanced level teacher trainings and teaches workshops  and retreats internationally. 

Known for her strong, fluid, intelligently sequenced, creative flows that weave heartfelt intention and play, she has a desire to empower her students as she shares from her heart.

Calli has a passion for slow, mindful movement, with a focus on ‘bottom up processing’; a way in which to truly connect to the bodies innate wisdom and land back in to and trust the deep intelligence that resides within.

‘Anti – Alignment’ and passionate that there is no one size fits all, Calli’s approach is creative, fluid and gives autonomy to her students to know that their body knows best. Classes are weaved to a backdrop of eclectic beats, and there is a sense of ethylene and flow in all that she offered. Come as you are and leave knowing that, that is MORE than enough.