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Friday 31st January @Stretch London

WOMXNS CLUB – A homecoming for all our sisters, at last me and my yoga sister have found the right time to combine our forces and come together to hold potent space for you.

This immersive evening will include yoga, sound, circle time, embodied movement, ritual and vegan snacks all weaved with womanly magic.


Saturday February 8thIMG_8969

Powerful Play: A Journey Upside down -A deep and playful dive in to the world of inversions. Suitable for all levels

12:00 – 14:00 – Leo Yoga, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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March 14th – New Energy Yoga 


Expand & Evolve: Connecting to The Wisdom of the Body

This workshop will be a deep dive into the intelligence that we each hold within us, the omnipotence held within each and every cell and how, when we allow our movement to come from this place, effortlessness occurs.

The workshop will start with a deep, slow, delicious and rhythmic flow, inviting us to awaken every sense and find a deep connection and continuity within, to enable an experience of ease as we delve deep, exploring the pelvis as our physical anchor and the spine as a fluid, buoyant and free structure.

Exploring how the fascial, connective tissue body and the nervous system plays a crucial role in all that we do and as we allow ourselves to drop in to a parasympathetic flow state, we will begin to explore the expansiveness that can be experienced in deeper backbends and hip openers.

This workshop will be part slow flow to open up and connect to the body  and part technical breakdown and exploration of moving safely and expansively in to deeper backbends and hip ‘openers’.


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