Missing Link Challenge: The Masterpiece unveiled! (Ad)

IMG_1954Over the last few weeks, some of you might have seen and read that I have been running around London, trying my very best to draw the picture of this face; ‘Mr Link’,on a running app, All in joyous celebration of the launch of the amazing new film ‘Missing Link’ in partnership with Lionsgate UK.

It has been both hilarious and frustrating in equal measure.

When I first accepted the challenge, I had no idea what a challenge it really was! It is so hard and you will have seen a few of my attempts to date across my social media, most probably resulting in a real life LOL!

Towards this final attempt  I managed to find a park that I felt had the suitable marker points to acceptably create a decent resemblance of Mr Link, I used the trees, flower beds and the shape of the park, thinking that this time, this would be the real deal.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my final practised masterpiece…


So, perhaps more abstract than I had aimed for.

During the creation of this piece, the park was being tended to by the gardeners, who were finding me running around in circles with my face glued to my phone more than hilarious!

I’ve had so much fun carrying out this task and I was lucky enough to take Kobe to see a special screening on Saturday at the Picturehouse Central. It is genuinely the most beautiful and brilliant family film, with a fantastic cast, a beautiful storyline (which I will not ruin for you)  and lots of humour to keep the Mums and Dads amused!

Meeting Mr Link

Missing Link hits UK cinemas 5th April, watch the trailer here!


This was a paid for partnership with Lionsgate UK and Missing Link







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