The Missing Link Challenge (AD)

I’m always up for a challenge, so when the lovely people at Lionsgate UK contacted me and asked me if would be up for the challenge of creating the face of the amazing character ‘Mr Link’, from the new animated film ‘Missing Link’ with my feet on a running app, I was like, ‘yeah of course, it can’t be that difficult’ HA!

So off I ran with a smile on my face ready for my first ever attempt. After some time, looking slightly crazy as I ran circles around myself with my face in my phone, this masterpiece was born. 

Ladies and Gentleman I give you my first attempt!


It is so much harder than I thought it would be!

I mean, I’m no artist at the best of times, so I was in a way, actually quite pleased with how this turned out, despite Kobe, my little boy saying ‘Mummy, it just looks like a scribble’ Yep, thanks for your support son. 

I feel it shows potential, it is an artist’s impression, but does indeed require a little (read A LOT) more practise… Back to the drawing board.

Watch this space. Do you think I can do it? Any tips welcomed.


Missing Link hits UK cinemas 5th April, watch the trailer here!

This was a paid for partnership with Lionsgate UK and Missing Link


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