4 Intentions we should all be setting for 2018…


So here we are, the end of another crazy year,, one that has been full of adventures, experiences, challenges and everything in between.

I am sure as New Year approaches we are all casting our minds forwards and marinading in thoughts of what the next year will bring. Perhaps setting intentions, making plans of adding new habits and losing some old.

As we know the world continues to struggle under our weight, and as we set personal goals and intentions to help us move forwards I hope you join me in adding some of these intentions that I feel we should all be setting to make a positive impact in 2018…

1) Reduce if not obliterate personal plastic usage – Now this is number 1 for a reason. Did you know that enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the world three times!? And if we carry on the way we are going it has been said that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea! Plastic is having a devastating effect on marine life and the planet in general. So here are some simple & effective ways to reduce our plastic consumption in 2018, there are lots more ways,  these are the easiest to implement straight away,  if we all make small changes it will have a powerful effect!


  • Take your own bags everywhere you go! Even if you don’t plan on shopping, always have a small cloth bag folded into your regular bag or a rucksack with space in it!
  • Buy a metal or bamboo straw (especially if you have kids!) Take it everywhere with you and say NO to plastic straws
  • Stop buying plastic bottled water: invest in a reusable bottle and if you are not a fan of tap water then invest in a filter
  • Don’t take extra bags for loose vegetables – they have a skin and can be washed or peeled
  • Carry your own cutlery so you can avoid using plastic cutlery
  • Buy a reusable cup if you are partial to take away coffees or teas

2)  Be a conscious consumer – Our most powerful vote is where and how we spend our money. By making more environmental and socially conscious choices, we are in turn creating a higher demand for better quality, cruelty free and fair trade products. Shop Local, Buy Organic where possible, avoid fast fashion, avoid mass media and tabloid junk. source only responsibly and ethically farmed meats.

3) Do your bit for global warming – We all agree its a thing right!? Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their research! Some simple ways to make a personal difference- make sure you have energy efficient bulbs, turn off the lights, don’t leave appliances on standby, be mindful of water consumption, try and have at least one day a week meat free

4) Be Kinder & More Compassionate – This world is a tough old place, the mass media runs on fear and division, the biggest rebellion is to unite, to reach out to our neighbours, to the homeless guy asking for money on the street, to those less fortunate than us, those more fortunate than us. to do everything that we can to connect and help others.  We are all from one species, one planet, and love really is the answer

Wishing you all a very Happy 2018 – I hope you will join me in setting some positive intentions for the year ahead x





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