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Teacher Training

I co-teach 2 semi intensive Teacher Trainings per year woth Carl Faure, with the first week in an intensive format in the beautiful Suryalila Yoga centre just outside of Seville. If you are thinking of embarking on a teacher training, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.


Embarking on a teacher training is a life changing experience, So if you are thinking about taking the leap to be a yoga teacher, or you simply want to further your practise in a supportive non dogmatic environment then take a peek here


Watch ths video captured during our April intake

Read what some of our previous Graduates have had to say about the training:


'The two and a half month YTT was like diving down deep into a new way of experiencing myself and nothing and everything all at once. I learnt much more than how to teach physical yoga shapes. I learnt about ancient Vedic and Hindu Philosophy, and the history of Yoga. About the  application of these philosophical frameworks onto our modern lives. I was throughly instructed in precise anatomy and its relevance to yoga alignment, for ease and safety in my own yoga practice as well as classes I now devise. Sequencing details and the way that energy can be directed were thoroughly explained and taught , as was a more metaphysical exploration into what it means to be alive. And all of this was carefully interwoven into a rock solid and grounded,  in-depth look at each yoga asana, and the subtleties of each pose. And this is literally the tip of the iceberg.



The experience I had of being guided and led through such “juicy” topics by Carl and Calli, was one of leaning into a trusting and responsive body of knowledge. One that has always been there, yet is recreated each time anew. They are both phenomenal teachers, firm and nurturing, extremely knowledgable in their field and committed to the advancement and journey of every single student. I was in utter shock in the first week when they said to us we’d be teaching in a matter of weeks, and yet by the last assessment  (NB not the first, but let’s not talk about that..) there was a room full of yoga teachers chomping at the bit to teach and enthusiastic to to start finding their own voices outside of the course upon graduation.

Carl is an extremely passionate teacher, generous with his words and heart, as well as his ever expanding and deepening pool of knowledge. He leads the way forward with conscientious awareness and joy, and is one of the most authentic people I think I have ever met. His focus is laser sharp, and this coupled with a deep connectedness to himself and all that come into his field creates a warm and easy, and completely confident environment in which to learn.

 Calli’s energy is a force to be reckoned with. She is like an arrow finding the bulls eye every time, and her infectious enthusiasm for teaching, for yoga and generally for life is beyond moving to be around. She is an extremely thorough and strong teacher and gives herself fully to teaching this course. Spending this time in her company, and learning from her felt like I must've done something really, really good last lifetime.

 They are also famously lighthearted, always up for a laugh or a beer, and both really look at you when you speak. - Veenus Vortex April 2017 Intake 


I could not have imagined doing this course anywhere else or with anyone else, and I am definitely much changed and forever grateful.'